Nameless – Series 1 – Part 2

The Nameless are everywhere.  They have no form. They are merely legion.  They have no goal, only chaos.  They have no label.  They have no such need.

Rhys stalked the streets. His non-descript form moved easily throughout the crowds.  He stood no taller than the tallest, moved no faster than the fastest, but his mind ticked over like no other.  He could sense them. They were near.
Edinburgh was not his home.  He had no home now, not since his secret war had begun.  Various clues had led him here; they were on the move.  Why now? Why invade a city when they had seemed content to live beyond the bounds of civilisation?
Rhys had to know, and he had to find out quickly.  While they adapted with remarkable speed, they still lacked organisation.  Though that was changing rapidly.  He had to cut off the head of the snake before it was too late.  Otherwise, Edinburgh would be only the first city to fall.

He was close.  He turned down a long alley, the crowd of morning commuters and smell of coffee gave way to the dank cold and lifelessness.  He stopped when he reached his goal.  A seemingly inoffensive building, old, stood before him.  This was Newtown, but little in this area was less than two hundred years old.  It towered over him, the tan walls matched its neighbours, but he knew, He was inside.  Something wasn’t right. What was he sensing?
Looking down at the entrance, a single doorway, two men stood wearing jackets to keep the sharp Scottish winds at bay.  Rhys wrapped his coat closer to him, keeping his face partly covered, and looked further down the alley; he watched the men out of the corner of his eye.
It dawned on him, he wasn’t just picking up his target, there were dozens in there.  It’s a nest.  That complicated things.  Should he go and spend more time getting intelligence before he moved in? They hated the day, now would be the best time to strike.
The decision was taken from him when he noticed the two bulky men looking directly at him.  They couldn’t know him by sight, could they?
The first man raised his hand, he had a device in his ear.  Rhys’s heart began to race.  He was going to report in!  Rhys was out of time…

To be continued…

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I am a fiction writer. I write fiction. One follows the other.

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