Submissions are now open!

If you would like a chance for your work to be published on our site, just e-mail it to this address

Check out the SUBMISSIONS page (in the top menu) for full details.

Coming up tomorrow is the series finale of The Nameless written by me (T.W.). I don’t want this website to be my own vanity project, but it was nice to put something out there to get the ball rolling. I’m hoping that if some submissions start rolling in then you’ll be seeing less and less of my work and more and more of yours!

On that note, we have a new series starting next week, a futuristic satire on the world of backpacking. The writer, C.J. Quince, who has recently been published in the Australian based UNTITLED issue 9 short stories anthology, has delivered a witty journey into future society, or is it today?

We won’t always aim to publish mini-series, our goal is for stand-alone 1000 words or less stories. But to get the ball rolling, I am pleased to start with some series.

Until next time, keep reading, keep writing, and please Like and Follow.

All the best,


Published by twnorrich

I am a fiction writer. I write fiction. One follows the other.

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