Tales of a future backpacker – Series 1- Episode 1 By C.J. Quince

Stephen moved through the winding streets of dank ground and puddles illuminated by neon lights from a small selection of the rainbow.  Something scampered by, it could have been a rodent, but with the proliferation of wild cats across Europe, it was more likely a feline in search of prey.  He moved a little faster, hoping that he didn’t look too tasty.  Stephen adjusted his burden by moving his right shoulder every time it slipped or seemed to jag into his muscles.  His legs were tired, his back ached, but he was doing what he loved.  Finally, after years of saving up (saving= investing in various Bit currencies and watching the endless stream of money flawlessly role in), he was backpacking.  It was, admittedly, a little passe.  Stephen had grown up admiring the ‘selfies of the greats’.  They were the admired generation, those who moved around before society fell into disrepair.  They lived by the seemingly ancient #YOLO philosophy, although no one remembered what it stood for.  In reality, by the 2020s it was already cliched for Australians, Canadians, Kiwis (not United States citizens, they held an eternal allergy to holding a passport and looking out into the world)* to move about in entitled ways and judge other poorer countries for not living up to their expectations.  But that was well in the past, so far in fact that it had already become trendy in a retro nostalgic kind of way, gone out of fashion again and was coming back once more.  


* This was outlined especially during the riots after it was proposed that four European teams might join the World Series baseball.  #onlyAmericansinworldseries trended for weeks.  The president started it and openly encouraged people to express their second amendment rights – The right to Tweet without obstruction<>.  After the riots, he was impeached and removed from office because his behaviour was so apparent even vested interests couldn’t let those in charge wilfully engage in selective ignorance and hypocrisy.

<>This was of course the new second amendment, which occurred after the constitution was rewritten one quiet afternoon without any complaints or a single death.

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