(FINAL) Tales of a future backpacker – Series 1- Episode 6 By C.J. Quince

The winds cascaded down the hill.  Stephen had finally made it to the wild north, Scotland.  His months of travelling around Europe had shown him much, yet only fragments rise to the surface.  His previous summer had been spent in England, like so many former Commonwealth travellers he’d centred his time around London.  Now, finally, he was in the former British state of Scotland.  The towering symbol of timeless strength that was Arthur’s seat towered over the Edinburgh below.  Stephen sat atop an outcropping of the large mountainous rock and watched the sunset.  It was a strange and melancholy place to visit after all the peaceful travel throughout Eastern Europe.  To enter Scotland was to take risks, but he couldn’t play it safe all his life.  Thinking of the disruptions between Scotland and England that had been going on for centuries made him think about the ever changing format of Europe and its people.  The European Union had brought them together, but had also sewed the seeds of its own distruction.  The people couldn’t get along, they fought, they bickered, and the broke up.  It was a problematic polyamourous marriage that was perhaps as doomed as the Soviet empire generations before.
Smoke filled his nostrils.  That surprised him.  He hadn’t expected it to reach all the way up to his vantage point. 
Politics.  Was that what did it? Ineffective English leaders led to dissent in the other territories.  Or are the politicians merely an extension of the problematic human condition.  If it weren’t them stuffing it up we’d be arguing over a football match and divorcing each other over the colour of the furniture.
‘Geesh, you’re a depressed son of a bitch,’ he thought out loud.  It had to be the surroundings that did it.  Endless hills rolled onwards into the famed highlands in one direction.  Once a keen tourist destination, now too dangerous due to the hairy mountain cows gaining a taste for human flesh.
In the other, the burning ruins of a once fine city now infested with previously domesticated animals gone wild. 
Stephen picked himself up and made his way back to his tiny one person tent.  He would camp here and hitch back to England.  Carefully.  The once United Kingdom wasn’t a place to take lightly.  His first round of travels was complete. 

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