A Dusty Word- By T.W. Norrich

The bronze light poured in through the blinds; lines contrasting with dank isolation.  The air control had expired; it wasn’t the only thing to face its demise.  A figure moved in the corner, slowly at first.  It emerged, looked around, the head angled awkwardly on sloping shoulders.  Its neck cracked loudly, and the body straightened with a low exhale…

Update – Change of days

Hello fellow fiction lovers! Two announcements to hit your devices today. The first is that we are changing the day in which we release these tidbits of fiction into the wild. Mondays don’t seem to be working. So I thought that maybe, land closer to the weekend and perhaps people will have more time toContinue reading “Update – Change of days”

The Tale of Wang: Series 1, Episode 5 – By C.J. Quince and KC Pery

It wasn’t the odd request at midnight that alerted Wang to the situation.  Nor was it the going out in a hitherto unseen white van.  It wasn’t the boss wearing all black (including a beanie) or handing Wang a pair of gloves to wear (in peak summer, no less).  And it wasn’t even when the boss struggled with the back gate in the way a stranger fumbles with the unfamiliar. 

The Tale of Wang: Series 1, Episode 3 – By C.J. Quince and KC Pery

Wang stood admiring his work.  The beer was good enough to use in an advertising campaign.  The froth was thick yet sat mostly atop the glass. The condensation had only just begun to form as the amber fluid sparkled in the bar’s lighting.

The Tale of Wang: Series 1, Episode 2 – By C.J. Quince and KC Pery

He took a long drink of his dark beverage and exhaled with satisfaction.  The ice clinked against the now half-emptied glass as it settled on the counter.  The smell of cigarette smoke wafted over the bar into Wang’s face.  The curious behaviour of inhaling and ingesting poisons was a, what was the expression he’d just heard? ‘A hard nut to crack’.

The Market – By Kai Lance

The market was buzzing with activity, too much activity.  Sara turned and watched, hoping she hadn’t missed the more delicate details necessary to reveal her target.  There were a dozen races, stalls, languages, dialects, trade, exchange, barter, noise and more noise.  Sara’s vision froze on a figure in a dark cloak. The sun cut through the opaque ceiling but revealed nothing.