Submissions are now open!

The present model is for one story to be published on the website every week. If there are enough worthy submissions, we may increase the pace.

Submission guidelines

Submissions are to be no more than 1000 words. The shorter the better generally speaking.

Mini-series of, for example, five linked stories of 500 words each will be considered, but individual pieces will be preferred.

What types of stories?

Anything goes, but nothing gratuitous. For example, sex is ok, but it should be in service of the scene/theme/narrative. Horror is ok, but gore for the sake of gore is not.

Comedy is ok, but remember that humour is subjective, so don’t over do it.

Otherwise, as long as you’re writing fiction, we are happy to read it.


FWS will get the global writes to your work for 28 days. That means that you can’t post it anywhere else for 28 days. After that, the work is yours. Additionally, FWS has the rights to later republishing such as e-books.

Please remember, presently, there is no payment for your submissions being selected. This is about getting your work out there for other people to read. One day, if the website begins to generate enough interest and some income we would love to pay you, but until then, no money will change hands.

All articles are to be written in standard sans serif font (eg. Times New Roman) size 12, 1.5 or double line spacing.

Simply paste your story in the e-mail body with the story title at the top. Nothing else should be included in the e-mail.

In the subject line write: FWS- submission- “yourname” (if you want to use a pen name write it in brackets after like this).

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