Nameless – Series 1 – Part 6 (Final)

Rhys had seconds before he would face either the mysterious woman or the ravenous force of creatures hurtling up the fire stairs.  With odds like that, it was a simple choice.He turned and didn’t need his sense to see her.  She stopped in the dark hallway, watched him like he was prey, cornered.  She maintainedContinue reading “Nameless – Series 1 – Part 6 (Final)”

Nameless – Series 1 – Part 5

Rhys slipped past the two guards.  They were the same he’d seen almost twenty-four hours prior and still as tense.  But they were strung out, getting sloppy.Rhys had taken over from Yun at midnight, as agreed.  The night had yielded enough intelligence to add to Yun’s observations.  The front entrance was being used for legitimateContinue reading “Nameless – Series 1 – Part 5”

Nameless – Series 1 – Part 4

‘When will we move?’ Ada asked cautiously.  She was unsure if she wanted to hear the answer. ‘Soon, we must wait for more pieces to fall into place,’ Descartes replied, his French accent gliding gently to Ada’s ears.  His appearance was that of an aristocrat, more than two centuries out of time.  He looked atContinue reading “Nameless – Series 1 – Part 4”